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A-Awesome Air Boat Ride on the St. John's River - The Real Florida Adventure!!!

Take a Central Florida Airboat Ride and see Florida Alligators and other native wildlife up-close. This unforgettable adventure is waiting for you right here only minutes away from downtown Orlando. A-Awesome Airboat Rides is located close to all of the Central Florida attractions as well as Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, The Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral) and Orlando. We will take you on an amazing airboat ride away from the crowds of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.

See Alligators Up Close
Roseate Spoonbill
Just another Alligator
Fast Moving Alligator


Come explore the beautiful scenery and native Florida Wildlife of the historic St. Johns River right in the heart of Central Florida! An A-Awesome Airboat Ride provides enjoyable and educational experiences exploring the marshes of the Scenic St. Johns River on a REAL air boat ride in the Central Florida Everglades. You will see the unspoiled Florida, in all its splendor!

Enjoy a 90 minute tour, that will take you far away from the crowds, on the St. Johns River and deep into the swamp on your airboat with Captain Gator Bruce. Captain Bruse is a Central Florida Native and is very experienced and knowledgable of the history and the wildlife of the St. John's River.

See and take pictures of the St. Johns River (the Central Florida Everglades) and native Florida wildlife in their natural habitats from the comfortable seats of Captain Gator Bruce's custom designed Air Boat. The Airboat has been designed with comfort and safety in mind and includes voice activated headphones so you can hear all about what you are seeing without hearing the noise of the Air Boat engine or the noise of other Air Boat engines that might be on the water.

During your 90 minute round-trip tour wildlife can jump up right in front of you!!! Expect to see native and migratory birds, White-tail Deer, Wild Turkey, Otters, Bald Eagles, Sand Hill Cranes, Herons, Wild Boar, Osprey and plenty of Alligators.

Note: Every effort will be made during your airboat ride to show you just as much of the unspoiled native wildlife as possible. But we can't make any guarantees on just what you will see during your air boat ride. Each of our air boat rides is unique, we are touring by boat on the St. John's River and through natural Florida swamps, none of the wildlife you see will be in pens, so we don't know what we will see on each air boat ride.

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A-Awesome Airboat Rides | Orlando Airboat Ride | Central Florida's Best Airboat Adventure